Inane Brane Teasers!

I’m tired of ordinary brain teasers. Aren’t you? Of course you are. That’s why I am sharing these all-new Inane Brane Teasers™ which will stretch your brain capacity to the very limits. Please feel free to add your own! Sorry, no answers will be provided.
Steve must get up at eight in the morning to go to a meeting. The night before at 5:00 PM he winds his alarm clock and sets the alarm, then goes to bed. What kind of job does he have?

Og the Ogre has a box full of boots. In the box are seven brown boots, nine black boots, one red boot and twelve gray boots. How many times will he have to reach into the box before he has enough boots to make a decent sandwich?

A train leaves Los Angeles traveling at 65 kph traveling for Chicago. At the same time, another train leaves Chicago for Los Angeles at 90 kph. What time is it?

A snail is crawling out of a ten meter well. Each day the snail crawls up two meters, and each night the snail slides back down one meter and dies of malnutrition. What color is the snail?

Gee, I don’t know about the last three, but my answer to the first one is “a really tiring one.” :dubious:

Fish, you are such a damn tease. I’ll play.

Simon does his chores the same way everyday, in the morning he vacuums and dusts inside the house, in the afternoon he washes his car on the driveway and in the evening he irons his clothes for the next day. But on Saturdays, however, instead of washing the car in the afternoon, he feeds the dog. What is Simon’s surname?

I really pathetic one where he’s home at 5:00pm and doesn’t have to get up until 8:00am. I’m guessing he (a) works at home, (b) doesn’t do much work, (c) has most of his lackeys do the work that he is responsible for and (d) he’s actually George W. Bush.

Ogres don’t eat sandwiches - they eat people.

Shit! It’s time to rescue the fair maiden from being tied to the railroad tracks by the guy with the handlebar mustache!

Alive - the color of money.
Dead - the color of failure.


You’re forgetting Munch that when the man winds his alarm clock it means that it is an old-style clock with hands which means the alarm will ring at 8PM, not 8AM. This means either the man is awake at night or he has never set his alarm at that time. I think he is unemployed. It explains why the man is home at such a time and is unfamiliar with the alarm. The meeting is an interview for a job.


I do wonder about you sometimes Hal.

But you did remind to use the old sig. Brats rule.

Why, it’s 8:59 PM GMT, according to the SDMB.
Thanks for playing!

No, no, no… trains left? Clearly it’s Late O’Clock.

Bob is younger than Charles. Charles is older than David, but younger than Alan. Alan is older than David and Charles. Charles and Alan are the same age, and both are younger than Bob. How many people are named Charles?

There are four professionals: an actor, a baker, a crook, and a diver. Mike and the crook went to visit the diver in his house. The baker made a cake for Karl’s birthday. John, the crook and the actor had each chipped in money for a surprise gift for the diver. The diver is Karl. Who is the crook?

Sarah went to the store to buy clothing. She bought a shirt for $15.99, one dress for $21.99, and one skirt for $16.59. The first two dresses were 33% off. Sarah pays the clerk with a fifty dollar bill. Does the dress make her look fat?

1 25.172349 million

2 the crook is - (suddenly a poison dart flies through air and imbeds itself in Rufus Xavier’s neck. He dies.)

Oh god there better be some answers soon. waves $33.87

I had this all written out Logic Problem style…then realized that there were only 3 names given…the crook has no name gasp. Or is that somehow the answer.

:mad: :frowning: :mad: :frowning: :mad: :frowning: :frowning: :mad: :mad:

I can’t believe nobody has figured this one out yet!

Og not eat sandwiches! Og SMASH!

Of course it does, if you’re single.

If you’re involved with Sarah, then of course not!


Steve must get up at eight in the morning to go to a meeting. The night before at 5:00 PM he winds his alarm clock and sets the alarm, then goes to bed. What kind of job does he have?

He works nights

Then it’s clearly Clint Eastwood.

A hunter leaves his house, goes 100 meters south, 100 meters east, shoots a bear, goes 100 meters north and ends up at his house again. What was the bear’s name?

There are two barbers in London. One barber’s shop is neat and tidy and the barber himself has an immaculate haircut. The other shop is messy and unkempt and the barber’s hair is ragged. Which one of the barbers is a mass murderer?

Two guards stand at the crossroads. One fork in the road leads to riches, the other leads to certain death. You know that one of the guards will always lie and one will always tell the truth. What makes you think either one of them knows which direction you’re supposed to go?

One apple contains 70 calories and one glass of sweetened apple juice contains 140 calories. If Mary’s diet allows her 1400 calories a day, what happened to the doctor?

(Does anybody remember the name of the grumpy school-teacher in Enid Blyton’s Faraway Tree series? The one who locks up Fanny, Bessie, Jo and Moonface for being bad? She used to ask her students word problems like the one in this thread. Loved those books as a kid…)

Me too - we were only talking about these yesterday at work. Was it Dame Washalot who always threw the washing water out of the tree?

Oh, and I have the kind of job munch refers to above - I get up at 8 for work at 9 and am home by about 5.15pm each day! :smiley: Handy living close to work!

Why is a mouse when it spins?

Is it further to Boston or to fly?

There are three words in the English language ending in -gry. How many hungry and angry Dopers does it take to beat up the person who asks this question?