Inappropriate moderator post

Posts like this just feed the conservative persecution complex that we see too much of already.

The most predictable poster has already jumped on this in the most predictable way.

Not inappropriate. We’re voting, right? I’d like the OP to also link to the post that led to that. You know, a little context never killed anyone. White supremecists, on the other hand…

There’s a link to the post in the OP.

I can’t tell if he’s joking or not. I’d say it skirts the line.

The only thing readable here is the response, and your criticism.
Letting it go.

I don’t know what to tell you. There’s a link to the post in context in the OP.

The post was in response to someone who said, “The GOP is a violent white nationalist movement.”

It was pretty easy to find from the link given. The post was immediately above the moderator’s response.

The real question is, if someone said, “The Democrats are evil baby - killing fascists,” would it have been modded? Do we even have any examples like that to compare it to?

FWIW the cited post did raise my eyebrows when I saw it fresh. Not a wise comment to have made IMO.


Now when certain types complain that conservative posts are held to a different standard, they’ll have this post to point to.

(Yeah, well, now they will.)

Then again, something I have written more than once about myself in over 23K posts:

If you write enough stuff, you’re bound to say something stupid once in awhile.

“Stupid” is the word I’ve applied to my mistakes; “cringeworthy” is probably a better term for the one we’re discussing.

ISTM like most debates or complaints of unfair treatment about mistakes, warnings, etc., what’s done is done. The moving finger having writ and all that. We can bludgeon this horse into burger, or we can take note and move on. It can’t be unsaid within the terms of the Board. And I sure would not want to create a precedent of altering history by disappearing it. That would be a coverup far worse than the crime.

You have posts like this:

or this:

Assertions of the vileness of the other party are pretty common, and very rarely modded.

I don’t think it should have been modded, but I do agree that @Hari_Seldon, even though he was not speaking officially as a mod, gave some of the martyrs on this board something to feel persecuted about.

Do you really have any doubts that your example would have been modded? If iirc someone got warned for trolling over a relatively harmless comment made about sleepy joe. Of course it’s a clear double standard. But I’ve learned even 100% proof is insufficient.

Were you modded for the divisive things you said?

We have a Magiver post that Hari_Seldon moderated…

But now we have reason to believe that he would not have moderated a post that he agreed with.

I just think it’s a bad way to go about moderation.

I’m the one who made the comment. I regret the hijack, but to be clear: I absolutely think that the GOP is a violent, anti-democratic, white nationalist movement. I think the Republican Party is by far a greater threat to American democracy than ISIS, or any other foreign group and the thread in question is about another recent GOP terrorist act, so the motivations of the terrorists seems relevant. I was not trying to troll.

ETA: I keep accidentally hitting submit on this new device.

This thread is not really about your comment. It’s about the moderator post in reply to your comment.

It’s not the hugest crime in history or anything, but it’s an inappropriate moderator post that will only serve to make some future moderator’s job more difficult.

It took me a while to see which comment exactly Hari Seldon was referring to. I don’t see how “the GOP is a violent white nationalist movement” should be considered trolling at all - it’s too mild a comment either way. Right wing or left wing, that’s too mild for disciplinary action.

What does bother me, though, is Hari Seldon’s rationalization - "it’s not trolling because I agree with it." That’s bias. That would be like an umpire saying, “You know, that pitch was inside the strike zone but I’m going to call it a ball anyway because I like the Yankees.”

I get it, I just wanted to explain that I was not intending to troll.

I took it to mean that while the previous post could look like trolling, it was essentially true on the face of it, for better or worse. Could have been worded better.