Inboard headlights

I saw a small sized pickup truck last night on which the headlights were mounted side by side in the middle of the grill. It was too dark to see if there where also lights in the normal outboard position. I had never seen this before. An internet search for “inboard headlights” found a 60s era muscle car with headlights positioned like this, but the concept appeared to be short lived. Is this some new modification the kids are doing to look different or what?

Could it have been something like this: where there’s a pair of fog lights in an aftermarket grille guard?

They were closer together than that. Aren’t fog lights wired to work in conjunction with headlights?

Kinda. I have a separate switch for my fog lights, but they won’t turn on unless the headlights are also on. But I could easily imagine some aftermarket fog lamps that aren’t interconnected like that. ’

I remember some little Chevy coupe in the last 10 years or so that had unusually inboard lamps. I will see if I can find a pic. I think there have also been some Jeeps with close-set lights.

Here’s one Jeep. Here’s another.

Maybe it was aftermarket fog lights that can operate independent of the headlights. I’ve just never seen one running like that.


The Ford Mustang

I seem to remember seeing an example of a 60s era Can-Am/autocross type 'stang with two really big lamps close together in the center of the grille, but I can’t find an image on the net.

Found it.

Back in the 1960s, I had a 1966 Mustang GT, and the fog lights had their own separate switch (left side, just under the dash) for the fog lights. Those of us who had GTs would often turn off the headlights in the city, leaving just the parking lights on and the fog lights. Made for a cool-looking effect.

However, we did not do this on the open road, as the fog lights did not provide the illumination the headlights did.

So anyway, yeah, that’s certainly possible.