Incas and body hair

Lat night I had dinner with a friend of mine who is 100% of Inca descent. She mentioned that Inca’s do not have body hair and rolled up her sleeve to show a completely smooth arm. Inca men do not have facial hair.
Two questions immediately popped into my head but due to the nature of our relationship I didn’t feel comfortable asking:
(A) Do Inca women not have to shave their legs?
(B) Do Inca’s not have any public hair?

I did a couple of searches on Yahoo and Google and came up with the same answers

Yes they do have some hair. It is very sparse. Yes they have facial and pubic hair it is just not a lot. Kind of akin to a teenager that only shaves once a month.

It also said they have an extremely low rate of male pattern baldness and Blood Type B was very rare

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