How do I go about “incorporating” myself? I don’t have a particular business (yet) but I came up with a name that I think will be profitable in the future and I’d like to get a lock on it. Can I form a corporation without an actual enterprise? The “DotCom” is available so I know I can get ownership of it.

You don’t need to be incorporated to buy a .com address. You can own that as an individual.

As for incorporating, there are specific procedures you must follow depending on state law. Your state’s Department of Business Affairs, Regulatory Affairs, Commerce, or something like that will have the appropriate information.


To incorporate, you’ll most likely need at least three incorporators. But as Cliffy said, you have to check your state law regarding incorporation. The Secretary of the State is the official that presides over incorporation.

It’s been a long time since you needed three to party. I’ve formed corporations here in Texas a couple of times and the easy way was to pay an attorney in the capital $100 (IIRC) to walk it through so it’s done that day. You’ll also want a corporate kit that any attorney who does these walk-throughs will be able to put you onto. Another ~$150 or so and gives you various boilerplate that’s useful for minutes of board meetings, resolutions (like the one you’ll need to open a corporate bank account), a corporate seal, etc.

Why do you want to incorporate?