Incorrect band name origins

Have you ever heard the name of a band, and some explanation of the origin of that name pops into your head, even though you know your idea is probably completely wrong?

For example, when I first heard of the band Fleetwood Mac, my brain went “They’re named after a Cadillac Fleetwood and a Mack truck” (I didn’t know how they spelled it at the time). Or alternatively, a Fleetwood mobile home and a Mack truck. Those explanations are, of course, completely wrong.

Have you ever done that – invented your own origin story for a band’s name, even though you know it’s most likely wrong?

When I was a kid, I figured that The Guess Who were somehow related to The Who. I was incorrect. :smiley:

I always thought the idea of The Guess Who is that it was (supposedly ) made up of famous musicians.

As it turns out, you aren’t entirely wrong, @furryman.

The Guess Who was originally Chad Allan & the Expressions (among other names), but their record label released one of their singles labeled as “Guess Who?”, trying to gain airplay by suggesting that maybe it had been recorded by a more famous act (and, thus, challenging DJs and music fans to figure out which famous act it was). It wasn’t, of course, but the name stuck.

And then, there was The Wonder Who.

Not something that popped into my head but something I read that was obviously wrong. I think it was the Bathroom Reader that said that Nine Inch Nails picked their name because nine inch nails are used in coffins.

Not a coffin builder myself but I’m pretty sure they aren’t.

I wonbder if you saw the same ad that I did. Because I had the same impression, and I got it from misreading an ad for something (Tommy? I can’t be sure).

If I remember correctly Nine Inch Nails was a reference to the nails used to crucify Jesus, wasn’t it? That said, it always makes me imagine a guy with extremely long fingernails, which is actually another good one for this thread.

You also reminded me of the persistent story that Pearl Jam was named for a jam recipe that Eddie Vedder’s grandmother, Pearl, made. I’m pretty sure that’s not actually true either.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who interpreted ‘Bee Gees’ as from ‘Brothers Gibb’… (It IS from B.G., but it’s actually the initials of Barry, and two other people who were connected to the band in the background in the early days, Bill Gates (no relation) and Bill Goode.)

News to me. I always just assumed it was the brothers.

I never thought of an origin for Buffalo Springfield until I was at a race track that used a Buffalo Springfield steam roller painted purple.

I think that’s one of the band names you’ll never get a straight story for the origin. I’ve also heard that they’re either named after a basket ball player or the male ejaculate.

ETA: yeah, it’s always jizz, like the Lovin’ Spoonful.

And 10cc.

Re: Nine Inch Nails…I always kind of assumed it referred to Trent’s dick (9" is realistic, but still bragworthy).

But looking it up, he says he just chose it for the abbreviation, rather than any meaning.

They started out calling themselves Mookie Blaylock, who was a basketball player. And yeah, they never explained why they ended up as Pearl Jam.

I’ve got a strange theory about the name Queens Of The Stone Age.

I thought Nine Inch Nails was a reference to the Crucifixion of Jesus. Wikipedia says it’s just rumor.

I thought Sawyer Brown was named after a person or people in the band. It’s actually the name of a road in Nashville.

Somewhat pertinent to this thread is Encyclopaedia Britannica’s sad list of bands. They list, what, maybe 4% of them:

I’d move your decimal point several places to the left.