Increasing the chances of getting a medical diagnosis

My mother has some kind of a neurological thing. Maybe. She’s been to a lot of diffent doctors and hospitals over the years, and hasn’t received the right answer yet. She’s been diagnosed with several different things, and been given lots of different medications. The last time she was in the hospital, she was told that they didn’t know what was wrong, and probably never would. I do understand that somtimes there just aren’t any answers, but I would like try again.

So, I’m thinking that we should: 1. have a daily journal that lists what she ate, medications, symptoms, etc. 2. Try and get all of her medical records.

Then what? They’ve run so many different tests over a very long period of time. Some of the records might not even exist anymore, which makes things hard when the doctors want to know how and when everything started. Are there hospitals that will analyze results without seeing the patient, and point us in the right direction?

This might not even be a GQ question, but I’m at a loss here, so sorry if this doesn’t make sense.