Incredbily selfish? What if he knew but...

There have been several remarks that my husband was very selfish to not sign a donor card.

Doesn’t this assume facts not in evidence?

We were together two years. He stated his wishes. I did not ask why.

What I am thinking is that he could have known about a disease he had and never told me about.

If it turns out that he had an inherited illness that would prove fatal, and he refused for that reason, is that selfish of him?

I don’t think it is selfish. I also believe it is not my place to question why a person makes a decision concerning his own body.

Aren’t there diseases that can be passed along through the corneas? I know Marburg Fever - the one that preceeded Ebola - has an affinity for the eyes and the testicles.

How does anyone know that harvesting corneas are safe anyway?

Wouldn’t you rather get your organs from someone who wants to be a donor, and has been tested and given an extensive health history of the ancestors?

I have no idea how to spell the words in CJD, the one similar to Mad Cow Disease, but I read of one surgeon who died after his knife slipped and cut his finger, he got the disease from a dead person. I think the deceased had been given HGH that was contaminated.

Now that is a scarey thought.

Seems like my idea of being a living donor - with my full medical history and that of my family available - could be desirable.

How many goddam threads do we need about organ donation!!! We’ve got about six others you could have posted this in. Mods…?

Allow me to dumb this down for you.

Some have commented that my husband was selfish for not signing a donor card.

I take being called selfish as a compliment, although I think it wasn’t meant that way/

The question is why so quick to presume a negative view of humans was the motive?

Are you that soured on life that you pre-judge without all the facts?



‘Selfish’ means ‘to not take into account other people’s feelings.’

You see that positive?

I’m locking this thread.

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