Indestructible House Destroyed

I’m sorry I hadn’t heard about this, especially when I was living in Utah. Too late now.
It’s popularly called The Logan Roundhouse, Stewart’s Folly, and it was outside Logan Utah:

What happened to this indestructible, hurricane-proof, fire-proof building? Someone set fire to it last week:

How does a concrete building BURN, anyway? I’m assuming, based on pictures from the first website above, that all of that wooden crud that collected in the bottom when the (wooden) floors collapsed was doused with gasoline and burned, and that the heat fractured the concrete.

So much for being a “fireproof” building.

A Youtube video showing scenes of the collapsed interior. Incorrectly places it in Ohio

Picture of the building on fire here.

That link’s in the OP, although it wasn’t there when I first posted.

All three of the sources cited in the OP also place it near Logan, Ohio. Is there any evidence that it was in Utah?

Sorry – my fault. I assumed Utah because of the Logan there (and the survivalists)

Google maps shows it in Ohio too:

ETA: I see Cal has already self-corrected, but it’s still a pretty neat Google Street View of the house.

The house is (was) in Hocking County, Ohio . . . the most picturesque part of the state.

Y’all sure that wasn’t in Sleepy Hollow? Sure looks like Pumpkin Head to me.