Index of Forbidden Books: 2012 edition (open spoilers likely)

As the geeks among us know, in Robert Heinlein’s** Future History ** series, the United States becomes a religious dictatorship in the year 2012. Obviously that’s not far off, and though I doubt things would get nearly that bad that quickly, it occurs to me that, if it were to happen, we’d likely see an institution of censorship on a draconian level. Which makes me wonder: what books published since 1980 are likely to make such a list, and why?

My first nominee: Towing Jehovah by Thomas Morrow. God dies and falls bodily to Earth. While slowly dying of grief, the archangels tell the Vatican to hire a supertanker to inter the corpse in the Arctic. En route the crew of the supertanker falls prey to anomie and famine and, among other things, eat part of the corpse.

Anybody else?

How about all of Robert Heinlein’s Future History works, Moon is a harsh Mistress, Stranger in a Strange Land and heck everything he wrote after it. :wink:
Eventually they would shutdown the internet from open use.
Judging by what I have heard some Fundies say, most of Fantasy would go away, starting with Tolkien, Lewis and Harry Potter.


2012, was it? I’m getting old.

The Koran is out the window first, along with other religious texts. Most fiction is in trouble: something tells me the Prophet will not like Bridget Jones’ Diary.

The Library of Congress should get ready to relocate to Hawaii Free State.

Uh, CS Lewis was a prominent Christian. They’d like him. His Chronicles of Narnia are just dripping with Christian allegory.

Hopefully Left Behind will get banned!

Yes, but as Christians get more and more fundamentalist, they also get more and more literalist. There will be no more of this “lion Jesus” heresy in the future. :mad:

DaVinci Code of course.

Not according to the moron behind this web site.

It would be possible for this woman to be stupider, but that would involve either a prefrontal lobotomy or a sledgehammer. And I’m certain if she were in charge of an index of forbidden books–which she’d like to be – Professor Lewis would top her list.

Guess again, you fool of the great Satanic deceiver.

I beat you on the simulpost!

Terry Pratchett’s Small Gods, for obvious reasons too numerous to list.

As others have informed you, nope, Fundies are too stupid to understand Lewis’ work is very Pro-Christian. There was a tract against Tolkien and Lewis at least as far back as 1986. One of my friends who turned fundie, showed it to me. :rolleyes:


Haven’t read it, what religion did he imagine was behind this?

I stand corrected. Fundamentalists are even more obstinate than I thought.

From this, I’d just love to know why the letter sequence “war” is replaces with “piano covers” and “cia” with “blip.” (As in “global piano coversming” and “offibliplly.”)

Three or four steps BEYOND totally off her nut, IMO.

A paranoid attempt to avoid keyword searches by the government? Kind of the same way spam e-mailers put a bunch of gibberish at the far bottom of the e-mail (e.g. gunther blowfish syzygy streetball zephyr coup d’etat rockstar averege kimball) to defeat keyword-based spam filters?

The religion of the Prophet, Nehemiah Scudder. It’s heavily based on Christianity, but twisted and distorted almost beyond recognition. The Bible, as we know it, was the head of the list of banned books. At least, if you were high enough up in the heirarchy to know it even existed at all.

Rgr that, was just wondering as many of the above posts hinted it was a Christian dictatorship.

I’d nominate Only Begotten Daughter by Morrow as well.

Great book, but the scene with Jesus in Hell would send any fundy dictator running for the gasoline and matches.

Well, the idea behind the contributions here appears to be that, lacking a Nehemiah Scudder on the horizon, Xian fundamentalism is going to have to step up to the plate and be the state religion if this is going to come off on schedule.