Index page with no HTML?

Got spam from an outfit calling itself Top American Brands. Just for grins and giggles I went to their web site’s index page. Global Space . com loaded a blank page with no HTML. How is that possible? But www . Global Space .com loaded normally.

One possible reason - the page is generated dynamically using something like pHp. I get that problem if my pHp code contains an error.

I was thinking something with the server since the www loaded ok.

It’s quite possible. “” and “” are theoretically two different machines. You can also have “”, “”, and other machines under the domain.

Oftentimes, however, the system is configured to route requests for both and to the same machine. My web server is set up that way.

“www.” has no special meaning. It’s just a convention that web servers use “”. You could use “” for a web server and it would work just as well. “” and “” are distinct entities.

The site owner has yet to properly configure the server to render the site with or without the www prefix.

It currently renders as a site under construction. A whois search reveals the site has recently changed hands which would account for the lights on no one home look. The domain was first registered in 1996.

Thanks Duckster, silly me didn’t think of doing a WhoIs search.

I realize that some servers will only respond to wwwdot… while others will respond to just domaindot… In fact I picked my web site host for being able to load with just domaindot and not needing the wwwdot.

Can’t duplicate the results. I tried IE instead of my usual Firefox. Got the full page with IE. Retried Firefox and both loaded. Only difference is the connection - library vs airport.

Will try again later this week.