India decalred polio free

Three years without a case. This leaves Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Nigeria

Last year I participated in a local bicycle ride where the proceeds when to polio elimination (via Rotary International), so I feel I can take .000000000000001% of the credit :slight_smile:



May it never creep back.

The remaining few are going to be hard.

The stories of how these vaccinations are carried out and the barriers people have to break through to get it done are pretty intense. It’s a monumental task that often seems hopeless. But the animated map that accompanies your linked article sure is hopeful!

Here’s an article from Wired about reaching the last few un-vaccinated people. It’s a great read.

And good on you for your contribution :slight_smile:

Amazing. We’re so close to wiping out this scourge. In my last job, we had a patient originally from Pakistan who had been afflicted with polio. He limped along slowly when he walked. Hopefully soon, no one will have to fear this any longer.

Here is the global polio initiative web site if anyone is interested. Polio Now – GPEI

Polio declared global emergency as conflicts fuel spread
“The number of cases reached a record low of 223 globally in 2012 and jumped to 417 last year, according to the WHO…
An $US11.8 billion eradication campaign backed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Rotary International had reduced polio to three countries in which it spreads locally: Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria. In the past six months, the virus has spread to Syria, Iraq, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Ethiopia, Israel and Somalia, according to the WHO.”

Terrible news.

Yup. Dammit. :frowning: It was going so well.

Not to mention this new polio-like illness in California And I imagine the damned anti-vaccers will do something to get polio back in the US.

I’ve actually heard this argument: “I’m not sure I feel safe about getting my kids vaccinated, and why should I? Everybody else’s kids are…”