Indian declares GSLV-D5 cryogenic rocket launch a success

video of launch

Cryogenic technology was denied to India to make sure local american companies got enough time to develop and start offering satellite launch services to companies. It said that they and other countries like france and russia have captured the heavy satellite launch market, so it will be interesting to see where gslv goes from here. Quite significant development for India I guess. Paves way for manned space flights as well

This after the Mars satellite which was launched couple of months back has successfully left for mars after orbiting the earth to gain speed -

How and what cryogenic technology was denied to India?

Although American media also occasionally compares big things to elephants, I find it quite funny to see an Indian news story do so…as if the entire Indian scientific establishment measures things in terms of elephants. “Burn main engine for .35 elephant farts to begin change of orbit!”

I don’t know anything about “denied,” but Wikipedia explains cryogenic rocket engines.

Ah, 350 milliganeshes.


They certainly went their own way: hypergolic boosters and second stage, solid first stage, cryo third. And they want to man-rate this beast?

So the denial is from 1982-1992? A time when the US was aligned with Pakistan and while India had a strong relationship with the USSR and was nuclear armed. Yeah, I can’t possibly imagine why the US would be hesitant to transfer cryogenic engine technology to India.

“…More Crunch-berries, Smedley, more Crunch-berries!”

Heh. Since when have media reports accurately reflected the scientific establishment? The elephant quote makes sense if you want the layreader to get a sense of scale though. Elephants are native fauna, and I’ve seen a few elephants in Indian cities.

considering it’s 50 year old technology and everything NASA used was from American companies your premise doesn’t make sense. We don’t sell a lot of technology for security reasons.

Note we are currently using Russian RD-180 engines for Atlas 5 rockets. They may cut us off for the same reason.