Indian Game

My sister is a vet, and a couple of years ago spent a year in Jaipur working as a volunteer for a group called Help in Suffering.

After she came back she told me about a game called “Cubbidi”(sp?) that was quite popular in India. I am not sure if she was having me on, but it sounds like a version of the kids game “Red Rover”.

Apperently the game involves ‘catchers’ having to capture their opponents without taking a breath. To prove that they are not breathing, the cathchers must repeatedly shout 'cubbidi", as they cannot breath in while doing so.

Now I could understand it if this were simply a kids game, but my sister informed me that it was quite a popular competitive sport in India.

So, does anyone know whether this is true, and could they give me a more detailed description of the rules of the game?

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It’s called Kabaddi.

It’s popular is the sense that the Indian national team is pretty good.

But it’s not road-side or park-side popular. That’s reserved to cricket. Although with India’s current performance in the ongoing World Cup, Kabaddi might pick up :smiley:

So there are actually organised Kabaddi competitions? If there is a national team, are there other countries that play the game? (Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka etc?)

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According to this page, US, Canada, France, England as well as 11 others teams participated(?) in the “Kabaddi World Cup 2001” which India won.

I know they play it in Pakistan. There used to be televised competitions here in the early '90s (and I believe they might still be shown on cable/satellite).