Indian (India, that is) film Qs

Many years ago there seemed to be a lot of really wonderful films from India. It seems to me that there have not been many in the last few years, or am I just missing something? I guess the last good (but not great) one I saw was Bend It Like Beckham.

If I have missed any good ones is the last few years, any recommendations?

Second question: While Ghandi was a great film and Kingsley’s performance was outstanding, still wonder why an Indian actor could not have been chosen for the part. Has any Indian producer made a Ghandi film?

I’m pretty sure Bend it Like Beckham is a British film from a Kenyan director.

Ben Kingsley is an Anglo-Indian. His real name is Krishna Bhanji or something.

Otherwise, are you talking about Bollywood style films or more traditional Hollywood style films made by Indian producers and directors? Because if so, I think Deepa Mehta just put out another incendiary flick or something.

Wow, I never knew that, I apologize to Ben or Krishna or whatever.

Thanks for the name, could not recall it. Deepa Mehta has four films listed on Netflix, so will order them.

Have you seen Lagaan yet? Highly, HIGHLY recommended.