Indian Monument

Where is the monument that shows such heroic Indians as Crazy Horse (a “Native American” counterpart of Mount Rushmore)? And if it is still unfinished, how far has the work on it progressed?

I believe they have finished the head (front only?), the arm is just a bridge over a hole, and they are “benching” away the excess rock to start finishing the horse’s head.

It’ll be a while. But… it’s huge, and they refuse to take government money.

It’s up there, but the Street View imagery is really low-res here (must be earlier photos).

Wouldn’t you hate to be the guy that goofs on the blasting and blows Mr Horse’s head off?

Sometime around mid-June every year they have a day called IIRC “volksmarch” where you can actually walk up to the top, in front of the head.

Two years ago, I visited the Crazy Horse monument, and then went directly to Mount Rushmore.

Mount Rushmore was underwhelming after Crazy Horse.

When I was there last summer, it looked like they’d take you up to the head as long as you were willing to pay them for the privelige (something like $100-$200 dollars, I think).

Well, Crazy Horse is much bigger. But I thought the educational exhibits and park rangers at Mt. Rushmore were much more entertaining and informative.