Indications for Invega prescription?

(This is a Question, but I’m posting it in IMHO since it could be construed as a request for medical advice.)

Our relative withdrew from chronic whiskey abuse and then had trembling and apparent hallucinations. I’d heard of Delirium tremens but never witnessed it before. My wife took her to hospital, wehre she was given Vitamin B1, a benzodiazepine, and Inverga, and told to come back in four days. She did, and was given the same three medicines.

My question is: Is Invega prescribed for alcohol-withdrawal hallucinations, or am I correct that our relative was diagnosed with a separate condition?

(I know that “ask her doctor” will be a popular response. :dubious: To save space, I omit discussion of why I ask here instead.)

Antipsychotics are sometimes used for an additional treatment in extreme cases of delerium tremens. It’s possible that paliperidone has shown some promise in this area, and I found at least one paper (Google Docs link) from 2011, demonstrating efficacy.