Indispensable Destiny? Huh? (I'm so embarassed to live in Maryland!)

For those who are unaware, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend just launched her gubernatorial (or goober-natorial) campaign last weekend. The key words are

indispensible destiny


That’s right. Indispensible destiny.


Here are some quotes from the Post article.

How about

Here’s a nice one.

Who said that, Dan Quayle?

To me, it means

Destiny - the predetermined path we must take in life
Indispensable - you can’t get rid of it.

Meaning: We’re going the way we’re going and there’s nothing we can do about it.

(And check out the last line in the article. Man bashing anyone?)

Upon reading the title, I instantly apologized to you in my head for making you embarassed to live in Maryland, now that I’m here. I’ll try to do better.

If women like Kathleen Kennedy Townsend are what we have running for office in the state of Maryland, I’ll take men, please.

Shush… my indispensible destiny is waiting for me…
Maryland resident.
Ok… confused Maryland resident.

What puzzles me is the picture with the article…

The only other person in the picture is a black man to the rear.

Have the Kennedys integrated??

There are worse people than Simone Weil to cop a phrase from, certainly. And I like its alliteration. But I agree that its meaning is vague. (Welcome to politics!)

Still, I think it’s indicative of Kathleen Kennedy Townsend’s potential problems. She’s in a Democratic state, and if she had no primary opposition, she could probably win by being a pretty face with the Kennedy name who (by virtue of already having been tapped for Lt-Gov) was the anointed successor to Parris Glendening, who’s been a pretty good governor.

But unless she puts some substance into her speeches, Martin O’Malley (Baltimore mayor, and her opponent for the nomination) is gonna come along and eat her lunch. Which would probably be a good thing.

Careful about what you ask for, Ginger. Some of the male MD Guvn’rs have been of the sort that get convicted and actually go to jail… :stuck_out_tongue:

At least you don’t live in sunny, muggy, mosquito-filled Florida. We’re still sorry about the chads, folks.

I guess the new death penalty moratorium exempts language butchering.

I’m on pins and needles with indeterminate anticipation.

[George McFly] “Kathleen, you are my density.” [/George McFly]