Inducing vomitting without finger

Is this normal? - I can induce vomitting without using a finger to dig down my throat (as seen in tv shows and movies). I simply extend my tongue a little, work some throat muscles and I get the onset of vomitting sensation.

Nope, not unusal. I can do it rather easily too. Just lean over the toilet and tighten my stomach a bit until I can feel revers paristolsis (sp?) doing it’s thing.

Wow, the women’ll come flockin’ to me now, eh?

Just fixate on Bonnie Tyler singing “It’s A Heartache”. It worked for me.

Maybe you have a hyperactive gag reflex.

In which case I will never date you.

I just think of Rosanne Barr in the nude…I’d cite the disgusting horror, but it’s illegal in 57 countries.

Really tho’ I hear anorexics get this down to an artform.

I also read that vomiting causes the enamel on your teeth to erode.Cite

Want to upchuck some more?


Them 2…:smack:

Epicac works for me…

The consensus in the world of medicine has moved away from induced vomiting as a good treatment for poisoning, and syrup of ipecac is no longer on the list of things to keep in a first aid kit. There is rarely a good reason to induce vomiting.

If any of you are barfing to get thin, consider what you’d look like, thin, and smiling with brown, rotting teeth. Now, go talk to your doctor. You have big, big problems.

My second paragraph in the previous post was rather, um, overstated. I was harsher than I needed to be. If I hurt anybody’s feelings, I apologize. Eating disorders are a serious matter, but my post seems unduly nasty, in retrospect.