Infants and Chiropractors

After many tests, it has been determined that our 3 month old cannot hear anything. Most likely this is due to fluid behind the eardrum. The audiologist referred us to the ENT doctor and mentioned that he will probably need tubes put in his ears.

I have heard from others that going to see a chiropractor can also resolve this issue which would save him from going under general anesthesia. After reading a couple of articles about it today I can’t really say that I’m swayed either way. I’ve never been to a chiropractor myself so I don’t have a personal opinion on them.

Anyone have any advice/stories for me? I’d love to read them.

(I did a search on the Dope and found a thread from 2005 about chiropractors and ear infections. I’d link to it, but I don’t know how…)

Please don’t take a baby to a chiropractor. Because there are some pretty fucked-up chiropractors who will adjust anything you put on the exam table, whether it’s an adult who legitimately benefits from “adjustment” or an infant who doesn’t yet possess a solid skeletal structure.

Get the tubes. They’re more expensive and time-consuming because they’re real medical treatment for your child’s condition, as opposed to quackery. If you can FIND a chiropractor who will adjust an infant, please post his/her practice here so I know to avoid it forever and ever.

There’s no legitimate reason to treat an infant or child with chiropractic.

About the only thing manipulation has been shown to be beneficial for is acute problems of pain in the the shoulders, back, and lower extremities. And even there it’s no more beneficial in the long run than standard pain-relieving medication, rest, or just doing nothing.

I’m sorry you are going through this. I would not go the chiropractor route. Can you wait until the baby is a month or 2 older and then do the tubes? Has your baby actually had a lot of ear infections?

Any chiropractor who claims he can do ANYTHING to fix ears is 100% quack. Run. Run far away and do not look back.


If there’s fluid behind the eardrum, what could possibly be rubbed, stretched, or bent that would result in the removal of the fluid?

This, this, a thousand times this.

Look. I understand. This is your baby, and you’re understandably freaked about putting him under. He will be FINE. He will go to sleep, get nifty tubes, wake back up, and be able to hear the world! It will be amazing! You’ll get to see the gleeful look in his eyes as he hears the world around him!
I know it’s scary, but as the parent, you’ve got to make the hard decisions. Are you going to pick the easy route that won’t fix anything, but delays the hard decision so you don’t have to be brave? Or are you going to put on your big grownup panties and make sure your baby, who you love more than life itself, has the best and most appropriate medical treatment for his specific problem?

I’ll be totally blunt. Chiropractic (for anything other than back pain) is a sham. It is also, specifically, dangerous for children, especially infants. Their bones aren’t totally solidified and joined up properly yet. Serious damage could result. If the chiropractor breaks your child’s vertebrae while adjusting him, then your darling son will be* put under* even further and longer, and for a more difficult surgery, than if you just got the ear tubes in the first place.

Please go to the ENT, and take his advice. If you’re worried, get a second opinion with another ENT. I had tubes put in my ears when I was 5, and it worked wonders. Don’t take chances with your baby’s hearing.

Not to be a total ass, but I’m surprised you’re even asking, honestly. The known/proven/will work surgery should be done yesterday. Every minute you wait is a further developmental delay for your baby.

Please follow the advice of an actual doctor. Get a second opinion if you feel you must, but get that from another actual doctor. There is no validity to the recommendation of chiropractic for anything other the limited applications listed by other posters.

It’s understandable that you’re worried. But please don’t let that worry lead you down a non-helpful path.

Do not bring an infant to a chiropractor under any circumstances.

And don’t wait. If your baby truly has little or no hearing, the need to get this fixed is critical.

My little brother had tubes in his ears at a later age, and it corrected whatever problem it was for without any incident or even inconvenience. If this is to correct hearing, the soonest done the better; it’ll just be more confusing for him the older he gets, trying to learn to understand what ‘hearing’ is.

In other words, yeah. Do it yesterday. It’s not dangerous, it will work, and the sooner the better. There is no advantage what-so-ever to considering another method.

The surgery is scheduled for next week. She said it would take 5 minutes. Now that’s a fast surgery!!

There is a chiropractor in town that claims he can solve any problem in children from breathing issues to constipation. Like someone said above, I don’t understand how adjustments could solve those issues.

BigE has never had an ear infection, he just can’t hear. Hopefully getting that fluid out of there will resolve the hearing problem. It will be great to see his face when he hears our voices for the first time. :slight_smile:
Thanks everyone for your input!

Good luck! I can’t imagine how cool it’ll be for him to hear you. How sweet!

You may wanna bring along a camera or a video recorder to capture that unique moment.

Yep, bring a camera, and beforehand watch YouTube videos of babies who are hearing for the first time. It’ll make your eyes mist over.

Ear tubes are a modern miracle. They’re safe, fast, and incredibly effective.

Here you go, two of 'em:

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This chiropractor is lying. He’s lying to his patients about his ability to heal them. He might also be lying to himself. Either way, stay away from him, and keep your kid away from him. He doesn’t know (or won’t admit) that there are problems that he can’t fix. If you go to him for anything other than back pain, the BEST result that you’ll get is that you’ll spend money and have nothing to show for it. He could make a problem much, much worse.