infants on boats?

Husband just bought a boat. We wanna take it out this weekend on Lake Travis. We also thought it’d be nice to take the 7 month old along w/ us. Is this safe? OBVIOSLY we will have a PFD for her. I guess I am wondering if we should use the carrier? It just seems logical that she would need some kind of restraint… any opinions? thoughts? advice?

Please don’t bring her! Seven months old is way too young and too many things can happen on a boat. Especially if you haven’t had one very long.

If you do bring her don’t put her in a carrier unless it is one especially made for boating (and I am not sure they even exist). A normal carrier will probably float wrong side up if lands in the water. Putting a life jacket on the baby and then putting her in a carrier just wouldn’t work.

She might get very jarred if you run into a big wake. You could easily drop her. Just a fall into the water might seriously injure her even if she did float.

Sounds way too risky for me.

In addition to Zumba The Cat’s good reasons to not bring her along, I suggest that the very first time you take out a new boat probably isn’t the best time to have a 10-month old along, even if you did it routinely in the past with a familiar boat.


I’d say introduce the tyke to the sport of boating early. At that age they should be just fine on a boat. It’s when they begin to run around a lot that you have to be a lot more careful.

In any event, you should be sure to get her an appropriate PFD for her size and weight, for example one like this.

Bill (who’s been boating since he was days, not months, old).