Info on a word: Degreelessness

Any DOOM fans already know what I’m talking about. :slight_smile:

Is this a real word? I’ve done a few pages of Google but all I’ve found are hits on cheat code pages, most of them DOOM related.

In the game, the Degreelessness Mode cheat (IDDQD, from memory ;)) is an invincibility mode. Was the word invented for the purposes of the game or is it a real word?

I’ll try stemming the word if I don’t get any responses.

MS Word is telling me it should be

degreeless ness
I don’t see why it’s not a real word. It’s about as real as helplessness, right?

My WAG is that it’s a neologism invented as jargon for the game. Most likely, it will make a good escape out into the rest of the language.

FWIW, I’d class it as a “real” word, even if not exactly OED-standard at the moment, because it is used as a way of communicating with others.

Personally, I’d find all those letter e’s a tad difficult to cope with afer a while. It’ll be good for something like Scrabble, I s’pose! :slight_smile:

Eh, if a Scrabble player can’t use up 'e’s, 'e’s got other problems.


Ooh, I see a GREAT new word to torture doctoral candidates with!

“Sure, you can quit now – and be doomed to degreelessness all your life! Mwahahahaha!”