Info Wanted on FOKKER Twin-Tail Fighter Plane

The Dutch Fokker aircraft company came out with a twin-fuselage fighter plane, just before WWII. I think it was called the “G-6”? Anyway, I don’t believe than any of the planes survived the war…does anybody have any info on the plane? Was it a particularly good design? I believe that the US P-39 Lightning was a very goodfighter plane, however, it was quite a tricky plane to fly.

Fokker K1

Also reference here.

Only one was ever built, apparantly. It had handling problems. :smiley:

[looking in *The Encyclopedia of World Aircraft * - aha, there it is.]

Try G.I, G.Ia, or G.Ib. It looked a bit like a P-38 with radial engines, and was of wood construction. Only 23 were built before the war, all going to the Netherlands military, and all but 1 were destroyed in the German invasion. Several more were built under occupation for the Luftwaffe as trainers. No info about flying qualities, though.