Infomercial buffoon: acting career killer?

You know the guy, he can’t open a carton of milk, drops the half open tuna can to the carpet, spills car wax over his cat. To add insult to injury, here comes the person using the advertised product who can thread an Incan loom blindfolded and makes it all seem so easy.

After an actor gets that role, is he typecast forever to be an infomercial dummy? Can an actor rise from this roles into stardom? into mediocrity, at least?. Are there any famous actors who have been infomercial dummies?

Well, Joey Tribbiani got the Drake Ramoray gig on Days of Our Lives after being the doofus who couldn’t open a milk container . . .

Sorry, I got nothing.

yeah, he was the reason for the carton of milk reference. :wink:

Cher continued to get film work after her buffoonish appearances in those Lori Davis infomercials.