information about annual individual earnings in america

I’ve read (but i can’t find the stats to back it up) that

1% of americans earn more than $293k a year
5% earn more than 115k a year
10% earn more than 80k a year.

I also read this

which shows that 7% earns less than $14k a year.

median household income is $42k a year

Where can i find stats on what amounts of american people earn X amount of money each year/hour, what the median household income is, and things along those lines (the american economic situation)?

Try this site in the Statistical Abstract of The United States from the Census Bureau.

It is .pdf so you will need Acrobat Reader.

Well… this may not not be useful, but considering it’s “in America” technically, I’ve recently seen this on the news: Mexico’s people are both the richest and poorest country in the world, with a poverty level of 40% and a “wealthy” level of 4.5%. I don’t know which figures qualified for poverty or wealthy, but it’s a good case against [insert name of your most hated of political party here].