information blackhole

http://…How come we can’t decipher the Indus script?.

Because it was designed so, st… !!You don’t understand " information blackhole" . Indians perfected it over 5000 yrs and it continues. A harappan/kohi palm leaf bi -text from Afghanistan, with seventeen lines, lie somewhere with A.S.I , but there is no way to find it, other than dig up their goddamm ASI. :smack:

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Here’s a link to Cecil’s column.

Please explain what the fuck you are talking about. Thank you.

Actually, the OP seems about right for a comment on an article about scripts which are indecipherable, even when the alphabet is known.

I googled around a bit.

Here’s what I think is is going on here:

Halfway through a ketamine trip, pockyarsarat came across this article from The Times Of India, which speaks of “a palm leaf manuscript” from a “Harappan site in Afghanistan,” which “has strengthened the belief of existence of a proto Brahmi script, which was used by Indus Valley people.” (Or, well, at least one fella thinks so: A certain “Dr DP Sharma,” who has “carried out research works on the palm leaf manuscript with Archaeological Survey of India.” This would at least explain the mysterious “ASI” from the OP. ASI = Archaeological Survey of India, natch.)

The bit about an “information blackhole”, and it all being an intentional ploy from 5000 years back… Well, you kinda had to be there, I guess. Made sense at the time, I’m sure.