Inhaling Poison Ivy Vapors

I met a man a few years ago that told me when he was younger some neighbor set a field that contained a lot of poison ivy on fire and he inhaled a lot of the smoke and so he nearly died and had to have a lung removed. He said it as though a whole lung was removed but possibly maybe only part of a lung was removed. The guy said it happened about thirty years ago so basically my question is if this happens to someone today how are they treated? Will they likely also have part of their lung removed?

My nephew was on a steroid inhaler after doing much the same thing. While the lung involvement was bad, the worst was his eyes.

What they would do depends on how soon you seek treatment, and how much you inhaled. You could still permanently lose lung function or die from it. I know somebody that was off work for two weeks and suffering for a month because of poison sumac being burned. Don’t ever burn stuff that has a volatile skin blistering oil. Risha had a thread about her father, that is in the hospital with lung problems due to Poison ivy. Maybe she would like to add something or not. Risha I hope your dad is recovering and doing well.

Risha’s dad.