ink jet refills... question about the ink.

So I’m refilling my GF’s black ink jet cartrage tonight with a kit she bought. Pretty basic shit, no big deal. I’m thinking… why should we buy a kit for $20 even though that saves us a great deal of money? As someone with some art background the ink to me appears to be nothing more then regular old black India Ink, same consistancy and everything. Cheap at the hobby store and you can buy those same syringe type things for change.

Does anybody know if there is any difference between the black inkjet ink and regular india ink? Anybody ever try this?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I once refilled with ink intended for a fountain pen. It worked OK.
You can buy bulk ink from various companies on the 'net.

I’ll ignore the question about which ink is better for a refill kit and just pass along my experience. I used refill kits and had to get a new printer because it fouled the jets in a short time. I replaced the printer with an HP 930 and I buy HP refills. I think it pays.

Sometimes refills have worked for me but others they’ve messed up the nozzles. At any rate, I believe the ink is alcohol based and not water based so I doubt regular ink would work.