Ink Stain in Corduroy

Anybody know a way to get a big ink stain out of corduroy?
I had a pen explode in my pocket. The stain has already set.

Try spraying it heavily with hair spray, then launder as usual. I read that tip in one of those ‘household hints’ books and have had very good luck with it.

You’re probably OOL.

DeniseV’s idea is based on using alchohol, the main ingredient in hairspray. I’ve never had alchohol do anything with a set in ink stain.

Things that I have personally seen worked at least once on set in ink:

  1. Didi-7. But it also dissolved 2 other pairs of pants it was tried on.
  2. RIT stain remover. Generally RIT’s stuff doesn’t work well, but it took out most of a well-set-in ink stain in a cotton shirt once.

I think Didi-7’s main ingredient is peroxide based.