inkjet paper vs. laser paper

Got rid of the old inkjet printer and bought a laser printer. Still have the inkjet paper. Can I use it in the laser printer? What about labels?

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In my experience, there is a marginal difference in absorbability. If you are not printing photos, it should still work fine, especially if you are just printing in black and white. The feed mechanism itself will work fine, but there may be an inconsequential but noticeable difference in detail.

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Ordinary inkjet paper should work fine in a laser, laser printers are much less fussy than inkjets. The only problem might be with specialized photo paper which may not like being heated, but that stuff is far too expensive to waste in a laser printer anyway. In the reverse situation laser/copier paper tends to be less suitable for inkjets as the ink tends to spread.

inkjet paper is indeed to be more liquid absorbent so it takes the ink easier, and to prevent running or ‘spidering’. The inkjet labels may or may not work in the laser printer, as they aren’t designed to take heat and pressure like laser printer labels are. Check the label of the labels (heh) and see if it warns NOT to use in a laser printer. If not, then they’re fine. If you run blank pages thru the laser printer, don’t put them back into the paper tray. The printing process makes the paper slick and it encourages paperjams. I don’t have a cite, this is just what I learned when I worked at HP.
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