Innocent things you did as a child without repercussions, that would get you suspended today

Back in 1981 a couple black girls at my high school dressed as Klansmen for Halloween. Everyone thought it was hilarious. No one would dare do something like that nowadays.

It’s not something I did, but my first grade teacher used to give birthday spankings (long after the real thing had been outlawed in school). I imagine she’d face all kinds of backslash today.

These were projects in our woodworking class. Helped by teacher. Also, some students made rifle stocks.

From junior high to high school there is always something that needs cutting. String, rope, wires need to be stripped, holes need to be punched, etc…

I can’t think of more right now; unfortunately, that sort of mental sloth means that I won’t carry a knife. Then, when I need one, I’m SOL.

At one of the colleges I attended, we could smoke in class at least until 1976. At a CC I worked at, we could smoke right outside of the classroom until 1988.

At our high school, we had a designated smoking area for students, at least until 1975.

Try sending your kiddo to school today with a peanut butter sandwich for lunch.