Innocent things you did as a child without repercussions, that would get you suspended today

I wore short skirts, heels and spaghetti straps. Other girls wore tube tops and short shorts.

My daughter needs to have her shoulders covered and all her skirts and shorts need to reach the tips of her fingers. Leggings are verboten (we didn’t have spandex leggings, but jeans were tight enough back then to leave little to the imagination.)

One suspects my childhood forays into the field of explosive devices as a hobby might raise an eyebrow or two these days…fortunately even then I had some modicum of discretion, lots of woods nearby, and only random isolated shrubbery was damaged.

One of my favorite English teachers use to assign fun writing topics like “The Day the School Burned to the Ground” or “Terrorists have Seized the Principals Office.” She would probably be fired now and me and all my classmates put in juvenile detention.

It seems a lot of people used to regularly carry knives around with them. Genuinely curious: was there a real reason you needed a knife with you during school, or was it just something to have on you? I’m thinking back to my high school days (late 80s) and I honestly can’t think of a reason I would have needed to have a knife with me during the school day.

I was with some “friends” on a field trip (6th grade girls can be right bitches and I was too shy and insecure to find some better friends) and we were riding the bus back to school. I was reading and they were mad that I wasn’t playing some game with them, so one of them reached over (she was sitting behind me) and yanked the book out of my hand.

I stood up and slapped her face as hard as I could and got my book back. I wasn’t punished and they left me alone for the rest of the trip.

As a youngster, playing war with a very realistic looking toy M-1 Garand. With no “safety colors”. That thing was awesome, right down the the realistic cocking and trigger action.

In high school, participating in the physics class demonstration on kinetic energy, using a variety of high-velocity, high-mass, or both ammunition fired from actual firearms at mimeo fluid cans full of water. Yaay for hydrostatic shock! (Physics instructor was a gun collector and a handloader. I’d never seen .223 ammo until he exploded a can with one.)

Taking a knife to school
Taking a home made bomb to school

Senior lounge - if you didn’t have a class and didn’t want to go to the library the seniors had a room off the central atrium [or whatever you call it, the building had a 50x50foot greenspace it was built around with a tree in the middle] and it had a coffee maker and fridge, and a door to the green space for going out and smoking. We frequently were joined by the teachers who would bum cigarettes and coffee.

I also carried a pocket knife, as did many others. We had archery and gun shooting clubs after school. [well also golf and other group activities including chess :D] and back when my brother was in public school right after we moved back to the US he walked to school in 1st and second grade. [I didn’t, I was in a different school, I got sent to the Catholic school across the street, though I also walked. Mom decided to take me out because she discovered the bruising on my hand where the nuns decided to turn me from a lefty to a righty by beating my left hand any time I tried to use it for anything.] The next year I joined my brother walking to school, then after that we moved and he went to a military school and I went to a Montessori based private school.

I brought two ornamental, but also very sharp and usable, swords to school for props in a school play. I walked right through the front door carrying them, walked right past the principal and into my home room, and no one said a word.

Same here. I was very into Stephen King and Clive Barker at the time (Jr High and High School). I wrote some very disturbed stories in our creative writing classes that would have gotten me counseled and suspended/expelled today. At the time, the worst of it only got an “Ew, gross” comment from the teacher and a smiley-face sticker.

We also played TAG (the assassination game) several times, with dart guns and squirt guns, with many members of faculty and staff also joining in. Toy guns at the time were very look-alike to the real things. Funniest moment ever was a kid bursting into our classroom the second that the end bell rang, with a Rambo headband and no shirt, and squirt gunned the teacher with an Uzi.

I got fed up with some kid behind me in some class in junior high. He kept messing with my long braided hair, and one day I whirled around and slugged him in the nose. In the middle of class. Not one thing happened, except the guy left my hair alone after that.

A year or two later I started high school. On the second or third day of school, there was an auction of everyone in the freshman class, raising funds for our class treasury. Each of us freshman was auctioned to the highest bidder among the upper classmen and -women, and we served as their slaves for the next three or so days. This was called “Slave Day”. Typical slave duties were carrying the Master’s books to class (ensuring the slave was late for his class), scrubbing the hallway with a toothbrush, standing in a trashcan chanting “Class of 69 rules”.

Ah, the good old days.

When I was in junior high school (1978-81), one of the more well-developed girls came to school wearing a T-shirt that featured two strategically-placed portraits of King Tut and the words, “DON’T TOUCH MY TUTS!”

Vice Principal thought it was hilarious.

Awww, he probably had a crush on you. :smiley:

A girl I liked in high school (who only saw me as a friend) was not well endowed in the breast department. She often wore a grey T-shirt with the Mounds (candy bar) logo on it.

I thought it was hilarious.

Good lord we’d be in Guantanemo if we were in school today. My friend made chloroform and sold it to another student. He also made an explosive that ignited when mixed with water. It ignited in his pocket due to sweat, but instead of exploding it gave him a 2nd degree burn and a nasty scar. Playboy magazine photographic extracts were brought into class. I shudder to think.

:shrug: It was just a tool. Just like the knife I carry today. Even though I’m a programmer, it just comes in handy.

Pretty much the same for me, but I did use my knife to sharpen my pencil if the wall mounted sharpener was in use.

Pocket knives have many uses, and multitools still more, in addition to actually cutting stuff. I used my SAK to repair eyeglasses, strip wires, fix keys on musical instruments, open packages, cut rope and twine, and any number of other odd tasks during school hours. My teachers also asked to borrow it on a number of occasions. (I also used it to pick filing-cabinet locks, but my teachers were commendably discreet about requesting that kind of service.)

Beyond that, a lot of kids have part-time jobs directly after school, and have uses for knives at those jobs. It’s not an unreasonable habit to carry a versatile, highly portable tool around with you most of the time.

Grade school I assaulted some younger kids who were going after my little sister. I could get in fights with her all day long, but by Og, no one else was allowed to mess with her.

Some playground fights.

I used to swear like a sailor in front of my teachers. The only comment I ever got was, “you kiss your mother with that mouth”?

The only things I ever got called on were a) showing my hamster to my 4th grade teacher (she was scared of them - who knew) and b) responding to an insult with “your mama”. His mom had just died. I didn’t know. He started punching me. We both got a talking to, apologized and life went on. I felt bad about that one.

The (tasteful) B&W nudes we did of fellow students. Off campus, at the photography teacher’s studio. Developed and printed in class. I wanted the teacher to pose, since she was a babe, but she wouldn’t.

Form/figure studies, the faces were artistically obscured by focus, posing, and lighting tricks we learned in class. No genitalia or nipples showed, but certain shots showed quite a bit of skin.

And of course, naked teenage girls!

Late 1970s.