"Ino" in Spanish

Today, at a park fountain, I saw a sign that said “Usan zapatos ino corran”. Being a very limited Spanish speaker, I recognized the thrust of the sentence but puzzled a bit over the word “ino”. Then I looked to the other side and saw the English version: “Please wear shoes and don’t run”. It occurred to me that “ino” was “y no”. Is this a standard usage? Is it a regional variation? Slangy? A total mis-transcription by a non-speaker?

Where’d you see the sign? Lots of folks in the US grow up speaking Spanish or a lot of Spanish. But not really reading and writing it. :confused:

Boston; it was a municipal sign.

The sign should read “Usan zapatos y no corran”.

I would guess the sign maker did not know Spanish and was taking dictation.