Insane Star Trek Question: Revival of Original Series WITH Original Actors (Dead or Alive)?

Question: What if a totally insane (and rich as Croesus) Star Trek freak decided he wanted more Original Series episodes.

I’m talking computer effects for the most part.

With near unlimited budget, could special effects make up for the aging and death of the cast? For the actor playing McCoy, could they somehow use existing footage to make a computer generated character? How real would it look? Could they find a voice actor to impersonate him enough, or somehow use existing recordings to make a computer-generated voice as well?

The only thing non-computer might be the voices of the living actors.

So how much of this is possible?

Let’s see what wealth + insanity + kid who wore vulcan ears to high school can do!

*Avatar *could use CG characters in starring roles only because they were space aliens. The animation technology still isn’t there to create a human face that looks completely natural in close-up. So you could certainly create models of the cast that looked right in still shots, but when you animated them, you’d still be able to tell they were fake. In ten years, however, you might be able to get away with it.

The voices are much harder. No computer-generated voices sound remotely realistic, even if you base them on samples from an actual speaker. (Listen to a recording of Roger Ebert’s new artificial voice. That’s state-of-the-art and it still sounds robotic.) There’s no way an artificial voice will be able to replace a live actor any time in the near future. Your best bet is to hire young actors to mimic the sound of the original cast (since even THEY don’t sound like they did 40 years ago).

I recommend watching Deep Space 9 - Trials and Tribbleations.

I think with today’s tech, no matter how much you spend you’ll be deep in “uncanny valley” (Google it).

This isn’t what you asked, but I just want to make sure you’re aware of this series.

I’m a casual Star Trek fan, but I have a friend who’s maybe just slightly shy of being a genuine Trekker, and he thinks these are pretty cool…particularly when you consider their origins.

I have no idea what the feeling in the official Star Trek community is about them.