Insanity--I just spent $82 for tickets to see Weird Al

Hallboy (aged 13) loves Weird Al. This is not something he picked up from browsing through my collection of CDs, or finding by skipping through the radio station. He somehow managed to find Weird Al all by himself, then proceeded to aquaint himself with All Things Weird Al. Occasionally, Hallboy will break out in song, the melody Micheal Jackson, or Nirvana, the lyrics completely Weird Al.

It’s been a weird bonding experience, this musical allure of Weird Al and my willingness to listen to Hallboy sing.

Weird Al is coming to the area. Based on a thread over in Cafe Society, where the virtues of a Weird Al concert were discussed, I thought that it might be a good idea to deepen those bonds with Hallboy and take him to see Weird Al in concert. Unfortunately, we missed the closest performance (in Philly) and I thought all was lost, until I saw the ad in the local newspaper. It seems that Weird Al has decided to make a stop in our local town, so tickets were purchased.

Hallboy seems nonplussed about the whole situation. “Why did you spend $82 on tickets?” he asked me, uncomprehending how I would willingly drop 82 scarce dollars for two tickets so we can listen to songs he has on CD. Hallboy doesn’t understand what it’s like to watch ones favorite performer, live for the very first time. (J. Giles Band, I remember you all, as my virginal self was initially exposed to my first concert back in the early '80s.)

So, Weird Al, welcome to the 'Burg. Do right by Hallboy and we’re looking forward to the show.

But $82 for two tickets? Jiminey Cricket, that’s steep when the budget is tight!

I paid $80 just for my one ticket to Rush back in June. I’d love to see Weird Al. I hope you both have a blast!

I’d pay that for one ticket if I were lucky enough to live anywhere he ever plays.

It’s worth it. He puts on a fantastic show.

Welcome to the real world. :slight_smile:

From what I’ve heard, it will be the best 82$ you’ve ever spent.

Heh. My dad took me over to San Francisco to see Red Blanchard in person back in the fifties. Blanchard had a radio show mostly for kids and I sure enjoyed the experience. Not sure but I think I won the invite in a contest of some sort.

I just saw him in Ottawa. It’s worth it! Seeing him do “I Wanna B UR Lover” live is priceless.

He’s playing the Central Washington State Fair in Yakima on Oct 6 and I’m really seriously considered making the trek to see him as it’s a free show (included with the entry fee to the fair).

My brother took me to see the Rev. Billy Wirtz a couple of years ago and I’m still laughing!

Al is the best performer I ever saw live. And the show I saw him in was less than a week after his parents died.

Saving now to take myself and five children to see him at the end of next month.
Tickets around here are $33 for the main floor and $28 for balcony seats.
If I remember correctly balcony seats aren’t all that bad there. It’s a small space.
I saw a few laser light shows in the early 90’s there and Princess Bride on the big screen. So my memory of the area is hazy.



You won’t be disappointed. He’s a great performer and the crowds that turn out for his shows are awesome too.

:stuck_out_tongue: He’s playing the California State Fair on September 3. Normally, the $10 admission ticket gets you into the concert, but since I’m working at the fair, I can go for free.

<victory dance>

FYI, worth every penny and then some. I saw him in Pompano Beach a few months ago and it was the best concert I’ve ever been too, including Billy Joel, The Rolling Stones, and the Eagles. Enjoy!

Oh, Jake!

I thought nobody in this world would remember Red Blanchard other than me! Remember how great things were ‘zorch?’ Remember how he made fun of Lompoc and Milpitas? Little did he know that Milpitas would become a fair-sized Bay Area city (62,000 according to Wiki).

My Mom took me, my brother and a few of my friends to his radio show in SF. We all dyed our hair green with vegetable dye. Everyone accompanying me was blonde, so their hair was brilliantly green. As a brunette, my dye job was unnoticeable. Red actually came over to our group and asked what happened to me.

Here’s a quote I found:

Real Zorch

Thanks for this memory lane trip!

And this is a bad thing why?

(I missed Al when he came here to Pittsburgh not too long ago. Hopefully, I’ll make it next time)


I’m allowed to hijack my own thread, right? Hallboy wants blue hair. I wouldn’t mind it for a day or two. How does one dye hair with “vegetable dye”? (and what the heck is vegetable dye?)

Al is a really excellent performer – I’d pay it in a heartbeat.

Unfortunately, the closest he’s getting to me on this tour (and probably any other) is too far away for me to justify. For Great Big Sea, yes, but as much as I like Al…I just can’t do it.