Insect ID: scary 3-cornered beast

What is this scary thing? I’m sorry for not including a size measurement: it’s a little over an inch across the horns, and maybe slightly less for the body. I think this link will work.

Kind of looks like a stick bug, but the shape is unusual.


The location where it was spotted would be useful.

On the door! (in Vancouver, BC)

Sorry, I should have said.

Is it a Plume Moth?

Stenoptilia pterodactyla:

It sure looks like one! The link below yours says that they’re found in England and Scotland, which is a long way away, but yes, this is it.

Now I can say “go away, scary plume moth!”

Edit: and with that name, I found this listed as a local creature. Now off to read up on its habits.

:smiley: Once newme knew it was on the door, he had the answer in two minutes. RobDog thought it was a door in the UK.

Well, to be fair, that’s a VERY British-looking door. Did you have it imported Dr. Drake?

I live with a Briton. Things morph in his presence. British doors, British moths, the queen on the money…