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The title may be misleading.

Let me tell you what I’m trying to do first.

I have a high definition high school basketball game that I got off the internet, split into two files. Both are .ts file extensions, combined for 4.4 GB, which will fit on a basic blank DVD (4.7GB).

I want to get these files off my computer on to a DVD without losing HD quality. I’ve tried directly burning them to a DVD but the quality was not just lost but lines were messed up to where it affect your eyes. Google search led me to a guy who was talking about turning his files into a Blu Ray ISO and then burning them to a DVD but he never stated how or if it worked out for him.

I’ve been doing a bunch of research on how to convert these files into a Blu Ray ISO but to no avail. My Blu Ray player doesn’t support file playback of any kind so that is out of the question. I can’t find any program that will convert to Blu Ray onto the computer, as I don’t have a Blu Ray burner or discs.

I know Blu Rays require a certain folder structure including a “Certificate” folder in order to playback on a Blu Ray player. I’m not sure what .ts needs to be converted to, nor if the audio has to be separated, or where to place the files.

I have Nero 10, ImgBurn, and Total Video Converter.

Any help is appreciated

Even though it looks like a DVD, a blu ray disc is not a DVD. Just like a CD is not a DVD.

You will need a blu ray burner and blu ray creation & burning software in order to end up with a blu ray disc with your movie on it.

The Blu-ray ISO unto DVD’s won’t work on all blu-ray players. some will work, other’s wont, other still will require a firmware update.

But you can give it a go. You’ll need to author a bluray ISO and burn it on to a DVD (obviously, the ISO must fit on a dual-layered DVD so you are limited to 8 gigs. And I believe most people say they have better compatibility using an mpg2 stream vs an mpg4 one when doing this which further limits the length of the video to quality ratio (mpg4 = better compression).

I use TMPGEnc’s Authoring Works for my blu-ray authoring. It’s a simple program, easy to use, and should handle your .TS files just fine.

I usually backup my blu-rays into .mkv files though, which I play directly from my home theater PC.

You coudl also do the same: transcode the original files into a single .mkv and burn that on a DVD, and either hook up the PC to the TV when you want to watch, or use a game console, if you own one, to stream the video from your PC to your TV (there are also other devices that can do this for you like slingbox).

Thanks K, I will try TMPGEnc

Do you mean burn the .mkv on to DVD as a data burn or DVD playback?

Yeah, not sure about .mkv - but check and see what codecs your Bluray player supports. Very likely, it will support DivX or Xvid - if so, the simplest thing would be to re-encode it as a DivX .avi and burn it as a data disc, without arsing about trying make it into a proper Bluray.

Yeah when I got my Blu Ray player, I selected it by brand to match my TV (JVC), stupid me… It doesn’t support any file playback.

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First I tried the program TMPEGnc which would have worked but the lowest size it would convert to was about 6GB. Even when I selected 4GB with the “Target size select” option, it would push it back up to 6GB. Now that I think about it though, I should have tried it anyway to see if the outcome size was smaller given the videos combined were less. Anyway, after learning about that program I googled for other Blu Ray authoring programs and came upon this article.

BD2DVD: Blu-ray to DVD guide

Since my files were already split I was able to skip step 1. I downloaded TsRemux which was freeware and simply selected the source file and chose Blu Ray output, in less than a minute it was done. I went ahead and continued using ImgBurn and the Blu Ray was burned onto the DVD in less than 10 minutes.

So now I’m playing 1hr and 30 mins duration of basketball (higher bit rates) at 1280x720 on a single layered DVD-5 (using Blu-Ray player, but still) and it looks and sounds perfect. That is pretty darn cool!

Thanks again Kinthalis, had you not mentioned that program I would never have thought to search for a blu ray authoring program and found that article. “authoring” being the key word