InSight has landed

About 0.83.

$828,000,000 would feed and house a lot of people.

But it wouldn’t put valuable scientific instruments on Mars and contribute to priceless scientific knowledge. That money is not being taken from the mouths of orphans and poor people, and implying such is a pointless threadshit. There are far better sources of waste in the federal government than space exploration and research funding.

InSight panels out and catching rays!

I watched the live feed from JPL. It was pretty exciting, especially with the detailed telemetry that was available – entering the atmosphere, plasma blackout, drop in speed (I remember 2 km/s being reported, then shortly after, 1 km/s), chute deployment, heat shield ejection, and an actual height-above-surface readout every few seconds as it descended the last few dozen meters.

NASA has had some spectacular successes lately with Curiosity, New Horizons, and now Insight!

For those who may not know, MarCO is one of two CubeSats launched along with Insight, Mars Cube One.

Thanks, had not heard the latest news!! :slight_smile: Also, finally a decent picture from Insight, this one from the IDC!

It’s about 6% of the total annual revenue of the National Football League. But the cost of the InSight probe was over twice as much as the amount of public funding the government of the county I grew up in approved to build a new baseball stadium.

Excellent news!

Great news. and the picture is cleaned up even with the dust cover still on.

Looking at that latest picture, although the terrain is extremely flat as it was expected to be, there are some significantly large boulders around. There was fear that Insight might land on one, which would make instrument deployment difficult or impossible, and it might even have toppled over. There’s quite a large looking boulder directly in front in that picture, although it’s hard to judge scale.

So many ways a Mars landing can go wrong - it’s not surprising that more attempts have failed than have succeeded. Even for someone like me whose only contribution is some minuscule portion of my tax dollars, it’s a relief to know it landed safely and is operational.

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We clearly need to crowdfund a PhObos Lander One probe.

But would it get there before Phobos breaks up? That day IS coming…

Woot! I caught this news late last night, right before I went to bed. Good job, science nerds! Y’all totally fucking rock!