InSight has landed

Just watched the last ~290 min of the NASA broadcast

The Marcos locked on to the signal, which was not a sure thing.


First Picture sent (it was on the video, no link yet)

Whew. Now we wait for the panels to unfurl.

Phil Plait, Bad Astronomer, who cut his teeth on this message board is on Twitter:

And has a paid blog at Sci Fi channel

Pic from BA’s twitter:

[added] better pic:





Emily Lakdawalla’s blog post (will be updated as things happen)


Far freakin’ out!!

~33.9 million miles worth!


Excellent! I look forward to the deployment of The Mole.

Our space program folks totally fucking rock!

I streamed the NASA feed.

I LOVE this kinda stuff!

A mole, digging in a hole
Digging up my soul, now
Going down, excavation!

Put me down as thrilled it landed safely but disappointed with the first image sent back. It like a trivial matter to run a lens cleaning sequence and send another picture back.

It’s not sour grapes that I say this. It makes me wonder if the probe is damaged.

The broadcast mentioned a dust cover that could be removed.

I’m sure it has one. I was just expecting to see a handful of clear pictures soon after the landing. I remember seeing the stereoviews of an earlier Mars rover and had a bit of schoolboy excitement.

It makes me nervous not seeing the pictures.

I’m nervous until the solar panels are confirmed open and active; then the work can start.

And how many billion $$ ??