Insomnia: You're on notice! (mild, rambling, humor)

Along with bears, insomnia now goes up on the “ON NOTICE” board.

This started a couple weeks back, with the diet pills I started taking . Since I’m on vacation at the moment, I’ve been waking up closer to lunchtime, which caused the “morning/afternoon” cycle you are supposed to take them at to get messed up. This kept me up all night, once even until 7AM! The effect was worsened when I consumed alcohol. Hey, I’m a college student and I’m on vacation, what do you expect? I stopped taking them and my schedule returned to something like normal (asleep a bit after midnight and up about 9-10).

So right now I’m sick in bed with a 102 degree fever, sucking down apple juice, water, cough drops and cuddling an ice pad, and not the least bit tired. But I’ve taken some Vicodin for the pain (from a doctor, not some punk on the street corner) so hopefully the Worst Sore Throat in Human History will subside in a few minutes and let me get some precious sleep.

Why isn’t this in MPSIMS?

Because insomniacs don’t think clearly.

My sentiments exactly.

My advice is to see a doc if these symtoms started after he gave you the med. A sore throat that bad may be strep, which can be dangerous. Also, that fever is a warning sign, so either go to a MD or an ER.

Geoff, these aren’t prescription pills, they’re OTC. And I think it’s common to have sleeplessness with them.

Although according to the other thread, he’s off them because of the insomnia, so whatever…

The insomnia last night was from the pain of a nasty sore throat.