Inspirational Websites Needed

Howdy Dopers and Happy Friday!

I’ve been working on some personal goals for a while; just this week I realized that, deep down, I really don’t believe that I will accomplish them.

That realization told me that I need to do some serious positive self-talk. One part of my self-brainwashing plan was to create an “Inspiration” folder in my IE favorites. So far I have one site in it: ; it’s a goosebump-producing story written by a guy who ran the NYC marathon right after September 11th. That one I’ll use to re-energize myself and jumpstart my marathon training program, should it stall.

So now I need your help; I request submissions. Do you have favorite inspirational websites that… Remind you of what is important to you? Help you remember your goals? Push you to achieve?

I’ll Google for stuff, too, but I know you Dopers will come up with some fantastic sites… Thanks in advance for your help!

I dont have a link for it , but if you can lay your hands on a book called “The Portable Henry Rollins” there is a story in there called “The Iron” that is sure to lift your spirits.