Inspired by Randy Rainbow

Got this far and ran of of inspiration.

I sent it to Randy Rainbow in the hopes he could run with it.

When You’re a Trump

When you’re a Trump
You’re a Trump all the way
From your first sleazy deal
To your sentencing day.

When you’re a Trump,
You will cheat when you can,
You got lawyers around,
An untouchable man.

You’re never alone,
Your enemies are smited.
You’re home with your own—
Until they get indicted,
And then you’ll be spited!

You are a rump
With a capital T,
You’re a real Forrest Gump
With a business degree.
When you’re a Trump,
You stay
A Trump! (Except Ivana and Marla!)

At the risk of seeming totally dense or incredibly ignorant - what’s the original song you’re parodying?

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When You’re A Jet from Bernstein & Sondheim’s West Side Story

Not to discourage you, but I would advise leaving the craftwork to him. I’m not terribly familiar, but someone here linked to one of his songs where he was rhyming “very stable genius” with “tiny little pee-ni-us” and I realized I was witnessing the work of an absolute pro. Hell, not to discourage you further: submit what you’ve got and mention that you’ve hit a wall. Ask if he can add to it. Please provide a link if it becomes something!

Speaking of G&S parodies, over forty years ago I saw a one act musical based on HMS Pinafore, using the Star Trek Universe as a base.

We boldly go where men
Have never gone before us…