Installing a new hard drive

I’m about to attempt to install a new hard drive and I’m wondering if it’s possible to copy just the Windows 98 files off my old HD since it was factory installed. I have the ME update disk but I’m sure I’ll need more then that. Plan B in my mind would be to copy my entire HD but I’d rather start fresh.

Nope. You have to actually use a Windows 98 install CD and install off that to get a properly running install. Also, you’ll want to use Win98 and NOT ME, Windows ME really sucks:) After you get windows installed, you can install the proper drivers for your hardware, then reinstall your programs, and finally copy over your files.

We did a complete copy of the HD when we changed HD’s a few weeks ago. AFTER we did that, we upgraded the operating system. I don’t know if that’s the way you want to go, but it worked well for us.

What brand hard drive is it? If it’s a new drive it should have come with a floppy disk. In most cases this will have a program on it to image your old drive to your new one. This will move over everything, including the operating system.

If you didn’t get the floppy you may be able to download the program from the manufacturer’s website.