Installing an outdoor water spigot

Got a quote of hundreds of dollars and I just don’t get it. There is a crawl space under my house and I could theoretically T off there from the line that feeds my sprinkler backflow* which would get it real close to its final position. But the estimator talked about drilling through a concrete slab on the porch etc.

So my questions.
Does a spigot have to go directly outside or could I run it out a side and run it underground to where I want? Northern Colorado so freezing is an issue but depth + insulation might make it work?

What should be the cost (I know, YMMV) of installing an outdoor spigot?

  • We’re going xeriscape rather than in-ground sprinkler considering how cheap-ass the previous owner made the system and it now needs a full replacement. I’d rather not rip out the backflow in case the next owner want to use it but if need be it is a free waterline leading outside.

No, you want it running directly from a warm space (at least a space that does not freeze) and using a freeze proof faucet on the outside. A freeze proof faucet is very long, 10" to 12" and the actual faucet is way inside. The outer tube drains out each time the water is shut off. Don’t leave a hose on it over winter, though.

If you use an underground line you will have to install an indoor shutoff and a drain line on the downstream side. It also has to have the outside line set at a pitch back towards the house to drain. Now if you indeed have that setup already it should work - just remember to do it each fall.


Thanks. Thinking the best option may be running it through the wall of my garage and insulating . The real question will be how to tie it into the water line under the house.