Installing Stair Treads

Hi. I am planning to install 1" bullnose stair treads (hardwood red oak)
with white risers. Several questions:

  1. The stairs are 38" long. Can I cut the stair treads to be flush up against the walls, or
    do I need to be concerned about expansion like I would when installing
    wood floors?
  2. I would like to use Liquid Nails to adhere the stair treads to the existing
    plywood stairs. Do you advise Liquid Nails by itself or should I also
    use finishing nails for extra strength? I would think that Liquid Nails is
    strong enough by itself.

Any other tips you can offer?

Thanks so much.

I would go for the “cleanest” look possible…without any gaps against the wall. ALWAYS use nails with liquid nails.

this might help as well…