Instant spaghetti?

Now that there’s Mac and Cheese that you can just pop in the microwave in the included cup and add sauce when you don’t want to make a big production of cooking, was wondering if spaghetti or other pasta could be the same way, with noodles in a cup and sauce in a foil packet?

You mean like this Marie Callender’s Frozen Spaghetti and Meatballs?

Get it by the containerful!

Then there’s the classic we all had growing up. Just add tomato paste. I suddenly want some.

Interesting. I’ve never seen this stuff in Canada. Then again, our Kraft Macaroni and Cheese is called Kraft Dinner.

I didn’t include your kind under “we all” because, y’know, Canada. :smiley:

I can take the hint… We welcome your Burger King overlords too.

Frozen is, I suppose, one form of “instant,” but for me, the word connotes a dry, room temperature stuff that you can keep in bins or boxes, to which you add water and then boil.

Minute Rice is instant rice. A frozen rice dinner…well, it isn’t the same.

Is there a “Minute Spaghetti” comparable to Minute Rice? Is there a spaghetti equivalent of 3-minute soup cups?

There oughta be!

There’s thisunnervingly food-like staple.

Some backpackers like to use freeze dried spaghetti. It’s stored dry at room temperature and you add hot water to rehydrate.

I’m pretty sure they’re shelved right next to the Spaghetti-O’s, microwave pasta lunch thingies that aren’t refrigerated. They’re kinda boat shaped with pasta on one side and sauce on the other.


I tried it for the hell of it once. A very small step up from spaghetti-o’s

I’ve never tried any or really saw them beyond glancing, but I think to. Barilla and possibly Healthy Choice make them, too. Unless they weren’t successful and aren’t on the shelves any more.

I’m betting the Barilla is way better than the one I tried :smiley:

In Japan, the land of cup ramen, we have Spa-O. (Japanese site but with “mouth-watering” pics.) It looks like it comes in both boiling water and microwaveable type.

Like spaghetti?

This is a weird thread. To me, pasta is by its very nature “instant” food. Boil water, dump it in, wait a few minutes and you’re done.

There’s this stuff, which is not as horrible as it looks.

Yeah, I’m not sure why there’s a supposed sweet spot of instant pasta between making real pasta (~10 minutes) and microwaving canned pasta (~2 minutes).

I’d opt for the real thing, but if I was just itching to have pasta in the fastest way possible, I’d think the canned stuff would be the fastest way to go and probably no more nasty than instant pasta.

You don’t get much more instant than the canned stuff. Those truly in a hurry need not even bother with heating it. Open and enjoy. One of the choices in a case of the old US Army c-rations was canned spaghetti. It was more like a Franco-American product than Chef Boyardee, but I don’t think it was actually made by either company. My comrades and I frequently ate it cold and straight out of the can.

Yeah, Trinnopus. It’s really weird finding out that so many people don’t know what “Instant” means in this context. A canned or frozen item is not “instant.”

There used to be a product a while back–like 35 years ago that was like instant dinners called mug’o lunch. You poured a pouch into a coffee cup, added hot water about 2/3 of the way up the cup, let it steep for a while, then eat. They had mac and cheese and chicken and noodles, but the spaghetti was pretty good. That was a quick dinner when I had about 15 minutes between coming home from school and going to work.