Instead of ''Said''

“Oh, I see … ‘verg’ was supposed to be ‘verb’,” BobArrgh opined.

“I wanted a red Farrari.” Muffy pouted.

“Please forgive me for posting two in a row, but I really wanted to handle the ‘Q’,” BobArrgh posited. He paused for just a bit. “So, why is ‘Y’ excluded?” he queried.

“So’s your mom!” Heart of Dorkness riposted.

Why IS Y excluded. I can think of at least one word that would work.

“A Møøse once bit my sister,” swore maserschmidt.

“This is a very silly game,” kenobi 65 stated.

Edit: crud, too slow!

“I’m going to report that post!” pravnik threatened.

“No soap!” urged twickster. “Radio!”

“I’ll try again,” kenobi 65 uttered.

Edit: blast you, Maserschmidt! :wink:

“Ha-ha! Too slow!” Heart of Dorkness taunted.

ETA - Hee. I was almost hoping I’d be too slow in posting this. Yay.

“Too slow indeed!” voiced pravnik. :smiley:

“That hurt”, notfrommensa winced

“I think I get it,” Chronos vocalized.

“And I can think of two!” Sofis yelled.

“I do so long for a game that only excludes X,” yearned BobArrggghhhhhh.

“Good one!” yukked maserschmidt.

“And your momma, too!” Butthurt zinged.

“When you read this out loud, imagine that I have a very thick accent or some kind of speech impediment,” he zaid.

“I think we should keep going,” twickster announced.