3 or less letter words only please.

I read Bastard Tongues by Deriek Bickerson while camping. The book is about the world “lowest” languages. Good book BTW.
It made the point that the Creole tongue of slaves seemed simple, but it took a clever person to use a language that was limiting in its form.
This lead me to suggest to the wife we speak only in words of three letters or less.

I struggled to get a campfire going after a rain. When I got it to be giving off heat I wanted to convey the fact to the wife. “Fires going good now” was not allowed in this game so I said “Hot big now” after thinking for a minute. Her responce came in seconds “You the man”. Score one for the wife.
How about it, can you say what you want to say in this thread using words of three or less letters?
( no TLA or other abbreviations)



You’re trying to make this thread unsearchable, aren’t you? :smiley:

Me go now.

oh fuk. no way.

I think you mean three beats.

Three beats per word.

(Can’t say syllables or I break the rule.)

We can use wee bit , not big.

Now I mix up.

You too?

Yes,see, can be fun.

One and tri two by ten and tri, tri, one sun go by sky ago our dad do new big bud and bud, be so ask no ask, and all men be no one big …big man and say way ago, he tall and got hat.

I can not do it. No way.

Bye bye for now!

Now we got big war, can we be, any be, as it is, be for not bit? We are met on a big hit sit we now of the war. We go to the a bit of sit we now, as a sit we now no end for man who not be no so we can be bud and bud. We can and do .

Do or do not, is no try, hmm?

For now, I see fun on TV so can not say.

I remember, years ago, in Games Magazine, they had a contest in which people submitted short stories using only three-letter words. The winner wrote about Our Man Ron (Old Ray Gun), and his battle against Bad Tip. Funny in a 1980s sort of way. :smiley:

So you say.

But my paw try to get me to be bad.

But my arm got cut off. So, no, I am not bad now but I am mad. So I go hit my dad.

My dad not so bad, we see now. By end he is OK.

Do not say Jar Jar to me. Ugh.

Got a better example: I’ve seen a motivational film titled

“If It Is To Be, It Is Up To Me”

Beat that :slight_smile:

If you no can do, why me do? If you do I may too. But not now. No way.

Fk U 2. :slight_smile: