Insult in Comments on Cecil's Columns/Staff Reports

Here, in this Comments on Cecils thread about Jesus’s Half siblings,** Bonzer **launched a personal insult agains me. I reported it, and even PM the Mods.
"Because irrelevant to our point about your incompetence?"

No action. No response. I didnt even hear crickets.

On a earlier post he said much the same thing “And no defence for such incompetence.”

!. The insult wasn’t in ATMB. You might want to get the title fixed.
2. Your link doesn’t seem to go to the insult you describe.

You are correct, it was in Comments on Cecils. Perhaps a Mod can fix that.

C’mon, Czarcasm–focus on the point, which is that it’s insulting to call someone incompetent.

So I shouldn’t have pointed out that his title and the link in his OP were wrong?

Here is the post.



While you’re here, is calling someone “incompetent” a personal insult?

That is fine but posting something like “you can’t even get the title of this thread or the link correct you incompetent” should/would get you modded ----- I hope. As the good Dr can attest I am far from being a fan but my feeling is that Bonzer got close enough to draw attention if not at least a simple warning.

Thanks. Yes, if there had been a Note, that would have meant at least they were listening.

…uh, no. Just playing with the idea that if I were to complain about being called incompetent, I’d try not to screw up my link to the offense or my description of where it happened.

There were two instances in a rather short thread. And I quoted it. I just assumed competence on the part of the reader.

Yes, because it’s attacking the poster, and not the post.

That’s not my forum to moderate, but generally speaking, calling someone incompetent is a personal insult. The rule around here is attack the post, not the poster, and that attacks the poster.

Mod coverage gets a bit spotty in the summer due to vacations and such. I know that one of the mods in that forum is currently unavailable. The other isn’t on our vacation schedule, but may have been unavailable at the time for some reason.

Gaudere’s Law (generalized) strikes again! :smiley:

Thanks you. I did report it, then a day later tried again, then a day later Pmed both Mods.

So I tried, really i did.

Did you perhaps mean “Thank you”, or maybe “Thanks to you”?

Maybe a mod could fix that. Maybe capitalize the “M” in “Pm” as well.

Unless you were going for irony?

Perhaps you should ask the administrator for their home telephone numbers.

Moderator Note

Let’s not pick on other’s typos and mistakes. We all make them.