Insurance claim for pothole damage?

Hit a pothole and caused quite a bit of damage. I have collision insurance but I assume if I file a claim they will raise my rate just like if I hit a car, correct?

Yes they can, but some policies have first accident forgiveness and such. The problem is I think that even asking your agent about may trigger a rate hike even if you don’t file a claim. I’d get the estimate before letting the insurance company know anything. That’s mostly why I keep a high deductible on all my insurance, I figure insurance is designed to protect me from losses I can’t afford without it.

You might try reimbursement from the city

But first check to be sure to jump through all the hoops they have set in place

Sorry to hear that. I have the public works department number in my contact list, because I have to call them every couple of weeks about the potholes on our road.

But you should also be aware that strictly speaking you do not have the option of deciding to pay for damage yourself and just not telling them. You are obliged to disclose your accident history to your insurer, not just your claims history. Even if you have a high deductible policy. Although I realize that in practise nobody does this.